Clever Dialer now protects you against dangerous phone spam

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Spam Protection

  • Warns against spam calls and scammers
  • Detects spam calls even if you are offline
  • Easily block annoying calls
  • Protects against phone harassment
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  • Thanks to our community spammers and scammers don't stand a chance
  • Clever Dialer users report cold calls, spam calls and scam calls
  • The community takes care that users are protected against annoying calls

Recent comments


020 3538 8413 Marked as negative • Survey

Some cunt

24th February 2018 11:15 pm


01792 213012 Marked as negative • Sales

24th February 2018 9:11 pm


020 3837 8962 Marked as negative • Sales

pestered for claim on car accident

24th February 2018 7:49 pm


020 3456 9871 Marked as negative • Sales

pestered with car accident claim

24th February 2018 7:47 pm


020 7579 7074 Marked as negative • Sales

constant phone calls re car accident

24th February 2018 7:45 pm


01392 757056 Marked as neutral • Other reason

Plz Can you give me the changed number

24th February 2018 7:45 pm


00 224 78810287 Marked as negative • Fraud


24th February 2018 6:49 pm


01456 415222 Marked as negative • Other reason

Not police number

24th February 2018 6:00 pm


00 241 05 75 03 15 Marked as negative • Fraud


24th February 2018 5:12 pm


00 1 650-399-9840 Marked as neutral • Support

Authy confirmation code

24th February 2018 4:49 pm

Play Store Reviews

Review from Lee H.

A great little app was having nusance calls but it stopped them for me

Review from Tracey S.

Fab app. I was getting inundated with nuisance phone calls everyday. Now I get the odd one every now and again but this app allows me to block the number. Life’s a lot better.

Review by Janette L.

Absolutely love Clever Dialer! Wish I’d known about this app sooner, it’s brilliant and so easy to use. Think I can honestly say it’s 1 of the best apps I’ve installed on my phone, don’t think I could do without it now! Well done Clever Dialer 👏👏👍

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