Clever Dialer - Get premium caller ID and block spam calls

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Caller ID

  • Caller ID by websearch and telephone directory
  • Real-time identification of unrecognized callers
  • Effective caller identification with great functionality
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Stop spam calls

  • Stops spam calls and scammers
  • Detects spam calls even if you are offline
  • Easily block annoying calls
  • Protects from phone harassment
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  • Thanks to our community spammers and scammers don't stand a chance
  • Clever Dialer users report cold calls, spam calls and scam calls
  • The community takes care that users are protected from annoying calls

What is Clever Dialer?

In our video we explain to you how our app protects you from spam calls.

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Recent comments


02039662234 Marked as negative

lotto nonsense

17th October 2018 2:41 pm


01162734429 Marked as negative

Spam calling

17th October 2018 2:39 pm


01936336591 Marked as negative Other reason

Called claiming to be a company called Direct Response. Jodie attempted to gain further information regarding an accident that…

17th October 2018 2:34 pm


01162666374 Marked as neutral

Don't know who called but looked like calls from same area which were unwanted.

17th October 2018 2:25 pm


01518080297 Marked as negative Sales

You've been in an accident

17th October 2018 2:19 pm


01302897290 Marked as negative Sales

energy shite

17th October 2018 2:18 pm


01412808613 Marked as negative Fraud

mentioned courts - scam

17th October 2018 2:18 pm


01614752800 Marked as negative Fraud


17th October 2018 2:17 pm


01282433010 Marked as positive

legitimate company specializing in hearing tests and aids .

17th October 2018 2:15 pm


01916719958 Marked as negative

don't know

17th October 2018 2:13 pm

Play Store Reviews

Review from Lee H.

A great little app was having nusance calls but it stopped them for me

Review from Tracey S.

Fab app. I was getting inundated with nuisance phone calls everyday. Now I get the odd one every now and again but this app allows me to block the number. Life’s a lot better.

Review by Janette L.

Absolutely love Clever Dialer! Wish I’d known about this app sooner, it’s brilliant and so easy to use. Think I can honestly say it’s 1 of the best apps I’ve installed on my phone, don’t think I could do without it now! Well done Clever Dialer 👏👏👍

What is Clever Dialer?

In our video we explain to you how our app protects you from spam calls.

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