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  • this number keeps calling me I don’t want to answer it as I don’t no the number I wish they would leave me alone sounds like a scam! do not answerReport this comment Report this comment

  • Asian bloke states hes calling about debts, I asked him what he wanted he said “i am asking the questions” this really angered me, asked again “what do you want” he said “put the phone down lady” and then hung up, utter dickhead, DO NOT even entertain this idiot.Report this comment Report this comment

  • Bloke with an Asian accent said he has noticed I have some unsecured loans. I said I do, but everything is in hand thank you. He said I don’t think you do, I don’t know how you can say that as you have outstanding debts. I replied that was very accusatory and judgmental and I assured him I had it all in hand. He continued to disagree with me. I said I think you need to work on your sales technique and repeated this when he didn’t hear me and hung up. He then phoned me back and said I just want to tell you I wasn’t trying to sell you anything actually, now you can hang up on me and then hung up and blocked me from returning his call. I don’t know how he is making any money from all these returned phone calls! Do not fall for this nonsense!!Report this comment Report this comment

  • aggressive caller if I could trace the call is fuck them upReport this comment Report this comment

  • TC received from this number today. Foreign sounding chap on the phone, but well spoken. He said that he was phoning from the Citizens Advice Bureau and that he had received a legal notification of an outstanding debt. He aske me to confirm if this was correct. I said that I don’t believe him and asked for his office address he gave me a number and a rushed post code – I got 139 and M67 ‘Stanford’. Possibly more than anyone else has got, so if correct, someone could look into it further. I said I didn’t believe him and if he had anything that he wanted to contact me about to put it in writing. He was very convincing I do have to say. He ended the call by telling me to “fuck off”. Nice touch!Report this comment Report this comment

  • Utter twats very rude when I hung up he rand back say how dare I hang up on him and I was a very nasty personReport this comment Report this comment

  • Extremely rude man……claims he is apart of debt advice help…States government funded initiative to help clear unsecured loans …credits agreements….free service….when I stated I didn’t require this service he became very rude and aggressive……he then hung up the phone…block this number…obviously another scamReport this comment Report this comment

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4Vodafone scam1

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