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Other reason cold call 8th June 2021 1:04 pm
Sweepstake I entered a competition (I had!) and as I'd been short listed given an opportunity to enter the lottery for no expenditure with a syndicate of 150 people. Asked me to provide him with 5 numbers - then in June for only £39 pcm, I'd have 300+ lines and chances of winning. They then spent a long time explaining that they were a genuine company, not out to defraud anyone why they needed by bank account details, and when I declined they compared the fraud risk to that of online shopping. Said they'd put a mark against my name, so if my numbers came up this weekend they'd make sure not to pay out! Rather convincing but if it sounds to good to be true- it's not going to be real is it. Caller was male, with an British / Indian accent. Very well spoken. Was the second call from the number today - first time no one spoke. 22nd May 2021 2:08 pm
Fraud Said I'd won a prize and if I paid £9 a month direct debit i would get so many lines of euro millions. When I said I'm not giving you any bank details he said I didn't have to pay anything till 15th May and if I didn't win I'd get my money back. Told him he'd be blocked as was a scam. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY BANK OR CARD DETAILS 26th April 2021 5:18 pm
Fraud Caller with a very convincing story about a competition I'd won. To collect my prize (worth £2000) all I had to do was pay £1, in return for which I'd get 20 lines on the National Lottery, PLUS my £2000 prize. Worryingly, this wasn't the usual, very obviously Indian person claiming to be from UK. This person had an excellent English-British accent, with a slight trace of American on certain words. He spoke as if English were his "mother tongue", as if he 'd lived here in UK since birth. I knew I hadn't entered any competitions, so in my case this was easy to spot as a scam. Also, if I'd won a £2000 food mixer, I have no idea why I'd be required to buy lottery tickets in order to collect my prize. As soon as I was asked for my card details, so that I could pay £1, I knew this had to be a scam. I did offer to pay the £1 on delivery of my prize; I also offered to transfer £1 to their bank account from my own (so I was in control of the transaction) but both of these suggestions were declined. For some reason I HAD to pay with a Credit Card and I HAD to pay before I took delivery. Sophisticated scam that I imagine a lot of people will fall for. I was even starting to believe him myself at one point! 22nd April 2021 5:17 pm

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