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  • Got an unsolicited call from this number. It was from an Accident Advice company, insisting that I was entitled to personal injury compensation from a recent car accident. When I explained that I wasn’t claiming any compensation (due to there being no injury) the man became very insistent that I was entitled to the money and I obviously did not understand. After explain to the man that I was not injured and therefore, was not entitled to any compensation, he became quite aggressive. He insisted that he or a colleague would phone again to explain how I was entitled to this compensation and should claim it. When I asked who he represented, he became quite abusive, saying that I was not listening to him and would get a colleague to phone me at a later date. I insisted that I did not want a further phone call, but he stated that since I wasn’t listening, he would need to arrange a further call.. If this is the way they deal with a potential client, I would advise that you have nothing to do with this company. They are obviously purely after their cut of the compensation and the client wishes are totally irrelevant to them!Report this comment Report this comment

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01942 391275
+44 1942 391275