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0113 220 4743

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United KingdomLeeds

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  • The calls are from Provac Care based in Leeds Yorkshire – a thoroughly disreputable company almost definitely the same company who perpetrate(d) the “Dyson Scam”* they pretend to be apologetic about phoning TPS registered numbers. Don’t believe it – if registered with TPS please report their nuisance calls – if enough of us report the calls perhaps these crooks will be stopped sooner than later. This is a link to their pathetic web site” ” perhaps notice how astonishing it is that a supposed carpet and upholstery cleaning company can’t even spell “upholstery and mattress” correctly. Those of us who have paid for “Call Guardian” equipped telephones – aren’t immune from their calls (they’ll announce their calls) they think that their profuse apologies and FALSE assurances not to repeat will stop us reporting – the obvious idiot who phoned me said they had my details as a previous customer (over-riding TPS restrictions) because of my previous dealings with their “Dyson Service” I’ve never owned a Dyson! *”The “Dyson Scam” is where people are phoned, their numbers supposedly obtained from the Dyson data base, saying their cleaner is due for servicing – as about one in three homes called have a Dyson cleaner many people are conned into having their machines expensively damaged.Report this comment Report this comment

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0113 220 4743
+44 113 220 4743