Clever Dialer ist now available for Amazon’s Echo devices

The Clever Dialer family has a new member. The popular Clever Dialer spam detection and caller identification is now available as an Alexa Skill for all Echo devices.

How does Clever Dialer’s new reverse search skill work?

It is not always possible to use the handy Clever Dialer Android app to get information about a caller. Maybe you don’t have an Android phone or the call came in on a landline phone or you just need to look up a number you got from someone else. In such cases the Clever Dialer Alexa skill is exactly what you need. Just start the skill and say the number you need more information about. The skill searches through the databases of Clever Dialer and it’s partners to find details about it. Alexa reads the result to you. If you have a device with a display, you get even more information.

Activate Clever Dialer Alexa skill in just a few steps

Clever Dialer Alexa Skill on an Amazon Echo Spot

Activate the skill with the Alexa app

  • Open the Alex app
  • Open the menu on the left side of the screen
  • Select Skills & Games
  • Enter Who called me in the search box
  • On the result page choose Who called me? (by Clever Dialer)
  • Click Enable

Activate the skill via web browser

  • Jump directy to the Alexa skill for UK and Ireland: Alexa UK and IE
  • Alternatively you can search the Alexa skill directory on Amazon’s website for Who called me?
  • Log in to Amazon with the account you registered you Alexa or Echo device with
  • Click Enable
  • Done!
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Phone Scam

What is it?

Phone scam is a perfidious crime because the fraudster needs its victim to cooperate to get it done. But how can that be? How is it that the victims just play along with the criminals often to loose a lot of money? What psychology is behind this?

Very often phone scammers will use our instinctive reaction to urgency and panic. Scammers know pretty well how to talk to their victims to arouse these feelings in them.

Very often fraudsters are genial even excessively friendly. They engage their victim in a conversation in which they put coercion, threats and try to create an urgency. They could say something like: “I need your PIN immediately to prevent further damage to your bank account”.

Another trick is that they try to make their victim feel very smart and as being such a smart person it will of course understand that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Examples for phone scam

Computer company calls about virus

A computer company calls you because there is a virus on your computer or there is a problem with some software installed on your computer. They will try to make you download some software which spies on you and passes credit card information to the scammers.

Unpaid bills

A person from a company calls you and tells you you have unpaid bills. Mostly the scammers choose companies which provide vital services like phone companies or providers for gas, water or electricity. Very often scammers threaten you to stop the service if you do not pay immediately. The call might reach you outside of office hours so your chance to get the call verified is small.

So how can you identify phone scam?

  • You see a missed call in you call log from a number you do not know
  • Your phone did not ring
  • Someone calls you from company X and says you owe them money. He then threatens you to stop vital services if you do not give him your credit card details
  • You get the call after office hours
  • You receive text messages from a number you do not know but which looks like a message from a friend

What to do about phone scam?

  • Keep calm and hang up
  • Don’t keep on talking because you feel that hanging up would be rude
  • Don’t pay any money – no matter what the threat
  • If you’re in doubt about the identity of the caller, try this:
    • Look up the number of the company in the official directory.
    • DO NOT just call back the number in your call log.
    • Then call the number from the directory and ask them whether they called you. This will clear up matters.
  • Do not respond to missed calls from unfamiliar numbers. If it is important, they will call again.
  • DO NOT call back numbers that start with 09. These are premium service numbers. If you call these numbers it can get very expensive.
  • Warn others via the Clever Dialer website
  • If you have installed the Clever Dialer app, block the number and rate the caller. This protects yourself and warns others.
  • DO NOT give any personal data like name, address or bank account
  • Sometimes scammers even know your name and address from data they acquired legally or illegally. DO NOT let this convince you that the caller is necessarily genuine.

Clever Dialer can protect you from phone scam

There is no thing like 100% protection but Clever Dialer comes quite close. It warns you against spam calls and phone fraud. When a call comes in Clever Dialer tells you right away whether it is a known spammer or scammer before you answer the phone. This works even if you do not have an internet connection at the time of the call.

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Clever Dialer hails friendly callers

Having started a product like Clever Dialer with spam detection in mind makes you sometimes forget, that there are not only dangerous guys calling people. In fact, sometimes there are really lovely people calling who want to help you, even if you do not have them stored in your address book. Just the other day I had an agent from my newspaper publisher call me to tell me, I get a year of online issues for 30 % off the regular price. Nice! Or my plumber called to inform me, that he can confirm our appointment.

So, taking a more realistic view on things, there are most likely lots of lovely people calling every day. What we failed to do up to now is give you a chance to rate them accurately. Sure, you could give them the thumbs up, but you could not award them an adequate category. Having seen this, we added some new and shiny categories to the app so you can do justice to all the lovely callers that make your day a little bit brighter.

Booking made easier

But, of course, that is not all. Remember the frustration you feel when you called a restaurant or a hair dresser last time, and the line was busy all the time, or nobody answered the call? It would have been helpful to know that you can make your appointment online. But you did not, and so you tried again and again until you got through or gave up. Clever Dialer is about to expand the places where you can see booking information. You can already see it after the call. Now you can also see it in the call log. In our next release, we will take it even further and make it easier for you to get the appointments you want in much less time.

Jazzing up

Last but not least, we had our plastic surgeons have ago on the app, and I have to say they did a good job. Not only is the app more appealing now, but in many places, it is also more comfortable to handle.

If you like our brand new issue, please tell us or even better give us a good rating in the Play Store. If you don’t like some of our changes, please tell us on


Clever Dialer 1.17 is gradually rolling out now, so it might take a bit until you receive your update.

Fines do not really help

According to the Mirror the boss of a company has been fined £ 400.000 for making 100 million nuisance phone calls. Will this change anything? Will this stop spam calls?

Well, for one thing, not the man has been fined, but his company. So he will, as he said, close the company to avoid paying the penalty. There is also now way to stop him from setting up another cold-calling business.

What does that mean for you? Well, of course, you could bury your cell phone in the sand or set it on fire. If you have an old Samsung S7 Node, it might even do this on its own.

Clever Dialer to the rescue

The good news is that there is a way to get rid of most of these nuisance calls. Our Android app Clever Dialer maintains a directory of the most annoying spam callers. The directory feeds from various sources, the most important of these sources is our users.

Incoming calls are immediately identified as spam caSpam warning for incoming calllls. You can decide for yourself whether you take the call or not. Block individual numbers so they can’t bother you anymore.

You can also help to hunt nuisance call centers down by reporting spam callers right after the call. Reporting is just one click. This way Clever Dialer users always are warned against the most recent spam waves.



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German directory provider Das Örtliche now added valuable functionality to its Android app by incorporating the Clever Dialer SDK.

Nuremberg, Germany – “Spam calls? No thank you” it is from now on for the users of the Android app from Das Örtliche. This is possible because of a partnership with validio GmbH & Co. KG who enables Das Örtliche to use Clever Dialer functionality by using their SDK. Thomas Wrobel, CTO of validio GmbH & Co. KG, explains: “Das Örtliche uses proven and reliable spam detection and caller identification of Clever Dialer.”

Unsolicited call, robot calls, telephone terror and cost traps are now a thing of the past. Fans of Clever Dialer enjoy this for a long time already, and now users of Das Örtliche can also take calls from unrecognisable phone numbers with much more ease. Incoming calls are being checked against Clever Dialer’s spam database. Should a number be identified as spam, the user sees an overlay warning him against answering the call. Calls that have not been identified as spam are being checked against the vast directory database of “Das Örtliche” to identify the caller. If the number is being found the user sees who is calling him in the same overlay. Apart from that, the Android user can add data from the caller identification to his local address book. This is done by an overlay the app shows to the user after the call which sums up all the information about the caller.

Technology from Nuremberg, Germany

The company behind this technology and the software development kit is validio GmbH & Co. KG from Nuremberg, Germany. validio’s flagship product Clever Dialer is in the market for some years now and shows more than one million installations in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and, of course, Germany. The free app identifies callers based on many different sources – assumed that the phone number of the caller is not suppressed. Annoying calls from call centres are a thing of the past.

About Clever Dialer by validio GmbH & Co. KG

Clever Dialer is an app for Android phones which identifies unknown callers and at the same time protects against unwanted spam calls and cost traps. The free app uses various sources like Yelp, Gelbe Seite and Das Telefonbuch to identify the caller. Annoying calls from call centers or robot calls are a thing of the past. You don’t even need to register. Unlike some competitors, Clever Dialer does not ask you to upload you address book with your data and the data of your friends and colleagues. Clever Dialer now has more than one million installations with an ever increasing number. The app has been designed and developed by validio GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. validio works on mobile projects starting with the conception of apps and mobile websites all through agile project management and development. The team of 10 focuses on Java and Android development.

Future cooperations

Clever Dialer is constantly looking for partners to extend and improve it’s caller identification. If you are interested, please contact Thomas Wrobel,